• Carpet cleaning
  • Area rugs cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Leather furniture cleaning
  • Auto detailing- Interior
  • Carpet installation and repair
  • Tile & grout cleaning
  • Marble, granite, terrazzo cleaning
  • Concrete pressure washing
  • Hardwood floor refinishing & installation
  • Air ducts cleaning
  • Water Damage Restoration (Emergency Services)
  • Trash chute steam cleaning
What is it? Bio-Charge is highly concentrated bacteria/ enzyme formulation designed to eliminate odors from urine, mold, mildew, organic rot, vomit, smoke, skunk and protein fire residue. How does it work? Selected strains of bacteria produce broad-range enzyme activity that breaks down the substances which cause odor. The good bacteria "out race" the bad and consume food surfaces for molds and mildew as well. Once all the organic material has been consumed, the bacteria pores become dormant and those on the carpet will be vacuumed or removed during normal maintenance. When we use Bio-Charge, you'll notice an immediate effect that starts to neutralize odor counteractants.

You walk across the carpet, reach for the doorknob and ....ZAP!!! You get a shock. Do you have problems with lots of static in your home or office? We can help. Our method is to spray the carpet or upholstery surface with an Anti-Static agent. It is odorless, non-staining and non-flammable.

We are committed to giving you the very best cleaning system and service that modern technology and certified employees can provide.


At Cornelia Carpet Cleaners, each Oriental and area rug is treated individually with special attention, care and proper cleaning. We assure to determine the best cleaning technique and methods that suits your rug's particular weave, fibers and dyes. We guarantee the best results and extend the life of your rug. Our qualified technicians use the cutting edge technology processes in order to deep clean and revive the colors of your rug. We also provide our costumers with free Pick Up and Delivery.


With the Bridgepoint Fabric Care System and based upon our professional experience we will decide which category of care will be required to satisfy both the needs of the upholstered fabric and the customer.


Mattress- The bed is the most important item that needs constant and regular attention. Deposit of dust mites and discarded dead skin accumulate on the mattress. Periodical sunning and airing helps, but it is imperative that an in depth professional cleaning is necessary to get rid of the ever multiplying mites. The appropriate application of our cleaning procedure (mediclean) eliminates the allergens, improves the quality of health, in general, for those having to use the mattress.


We use unique water based Bridgepoint Leather Cleaning Products that can be used on all leather types. Loaded with active ingredients and carried in a foam base for a maximum clean without overwetting the leather. Protective cream provides excellent protection against oil-water-alcohol based stains as well as resists everyday soiling.


All steps are performed by hand:
- Hand wash & shampoo interior.
- Upholstery, carpet and trunk are vacuumed, and door, hood, trunk creases are cleaned.
- Steam clean and remove spots from upholstery and carpets.
- Leather and vinyl is cleaned and dressed.
- Clean glass surfaces.


Our carpet technicians always use the power stretcher! We offer many kinds of styling and quality carpets.New carpet has practical benefits,including insulation, noise level reduction and adds warmth and character to any room. We will be able to visualize the correct layout of your carpet and we will make sure all the material is running the correct direction.


Don't spend hours on your knees scrubbing to clean your tile and grout. Let us clean it for you, quickly and easily using our specialized equipment. Different tile requires different cleaning techniques. Our technician will recommend the appropriate cleaning method for your tile. Safety and your desire results are our main concerns. Before the main job begins, we will test a small area of your tile to be absolutely sure that you will be happy with the results.


Our modern floor polishing and stripping equipment delivers excellent gloss performance on a variety of natural stone floors. We use finishes that are slip resistant and have optical enhancers for the wet look.


We offer high pressure washing and cement steam cleaning service to both commercial and residential customers. Our Power Washing System is able to remove dirt, mildew, algae, gum, bird waste from your Driveway, Walkway/Sidewalk, Parking lot, Loading dock, etc.


Yes, everyone loves a rich, beautiful hardwood floors. And hardwoods truly can last forever if they are properly maintained. Other great news is that hardwood floors, when properly maintained, are the easiest of all floor surfaces to keep clean and new looking. Bridgepoint has created a refinishing process that is completely dust free, quick to accomplish and inexpensive. The process features. Bridgepoint Wood Products. These fine products are designed to clean, repair and refinish your floors to a spectacular appearance. In the hands of a trained technician the products will restore your hardwood floors to their original beauty. Maintenance treatments every 1-3 years, depending on traffic levels and type of use , will keep your floors looking great for the lifetime of your office, restaurant, hotel, etc.


Removing the built up of dirt, blockage, and debris in your ductwork can improve airflow, increasing heating and cooling efficiency and lowering energy costs. Signs that your air ducts may need cleaning are: allergy flare-ups, rapid dusts build up on furniture, visible dirt and dust accumulation on vents, visible mold on vents and registers.

Drapery Cleaning

At Cornelia we offer a delicate yet thorough cleaning for any size drapes. We offer pickup and delivery for any amount of drapes; if you don’t like to wait we also offer onsite cleaning. With our new technology there is no need to remove and re-hang the drapes. We can clean them as they hang in your room. We offer both wet and dry cleaning (the cleaning method depends on the material). If there are no cleaning specifications we would start with a small sample, and if it cleans well we would continue the cleaning process. Our pick-up and delivery method is completely free, the turnaround usually take somewhere between seven to ten days. We also clean sheers, valances, panels and curtains call us for free estimate now! 630-833-3375

Garbage and trash chutes – Professional Cleaning, Degreasing and Disinfection

Our service includes:
  • examination of the trash chute floor by floor to make sure that there are no obstruction or blockages
  • Application of a heavy duty degreaser and biodegradable enzyme to loosen the stuck on debris and brake it down into smaller components for easier removal
  • Wipe down and polish chute doors
  • Hot water power washing (over 200 degrees) in order to remove solution cleaners and trash residue
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of the trash room
Why is it important to clean trash chute?
According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) poor indoor air quality can cause many problems such as irritation of the eyes, nose, throat causing headaches and dizziness. Cleaning trash/garbage chutes is a form of a source air pollutant control. By eliminating dirt, grime, food particles and all sorts of bacteria, you also eliminate a significant source of air pollution.