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  • “Scotchgard” Carpet & Upholstery Protection

    A chemical treatment, which resists soiling and helps prevent water based spots and spills from becoming hard to remove stains. A professional spray-treatment with “Scotchgard” Carpet Protector provides a barrier that makes it difficult for dirt particles to cling to carpet fibers.
    Routine vacuuming becomes more effective. Your carpet looks clean longer, and cleaner carpet means less wear and a brighter appearance. With this long lasting barrier on your carpet, most spills can be easily cleaned up.

    Thoroughly Tested

    This newest “Scotchgard” Protector is one of a family of “Scotchgard” products that have been developed over the last 25 years. It is backed by the same meticulous quality standards that have made the name “Scotchgard” synonymous with fabric protection.

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    Keeps Your Freshly Cleaned Carpeting Looking New Longer

    Since carpets treated with “Scotchgard” Carpet Protector look clean longer, time between cleanings can be extended. Dry soil is held loosely between the treated carpet fibers and can be easily removed with simple vacuuming. Routine cleaning and spotting becomes more effective and most spills can be quickly removed. “Scotchgard” protection will last even under heavy traffic and regular vacuuming.

    Easily Applied

    New “Scotchgard” Carpet Protector can be quickly and easily applied with our selection of quality pump-up and electric sprayers. No complicated time-consuming procedures are required. In fact it takes only one quarter of the time normally required for rotary shampooing to provide you and your customers’ carpets with the lasting protection.

    Just How Does

    “Scotchgard” carpet protector work? “Scotchgard” Carpet Protector has unique fluorochemical properties that make it incompatible with dust, dirt and grime. This protective fluorochemical barrier helps prevent dry soil, oil and water based soils from marring ones carpet’s appearance because the “Scotchgard” protection helps keep these soiling agents from penetrating the carpet fibers.

    What Kinds of Carpeting?

    “Scotchgard” Carpet Protector will provide protection when sprayed on most types of carpeting including nylon, polyester, acrylic, and wool.

    Caring for Treated Carpet

    Regular vacuuming will help keep your “Scotchgard” treated carpeting bright and attractive. Daily vacuuming of traffic areas will help prevent soil build-up below the surface where it tends to abrade the carpet fibers. And vacuuming will be more effective on all types of carpeting including shags, cut pile, looped pile, and sculptured patterns. As you can see from the unretouched picture, vacuuming will remove far more dirt from a “Scotchgard” treated carpet than from an untreated carpet.

    When Spills Happen

    “Scotchgard” Carpet Protector helps to prevent spots and spills from becoming hard-to-remove stains. On carpets treated with “Scotchgard” Carpet Protector most spills can be easily cleaned up.